Rosewood & Palo Santo Sacred Smudge Spray

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Rosewood & Palo Santo Sacred Smudge Spray + Rose Quartz

One tumbled rose quartz added to each bottle of Palo Santo smudge spray to capture the loving & soothing energy of rose quartz.

Each bottle is infused with healing/cleansing power of Dead Sea & Selenite. Use this spray to clear stagnant energy in any room/space. Palo Santo is known as a "Holy Wood", enjoyed for its energetic cleansing properties similar to sage and cedar. Palo Santo has a much sweeter scent with hints on mint and citrus.

Palo Santo + the anti depressive and relaxing properties of Rosewood Essential oil make this combo a win/win. Palo Santo works to "vibrate higher" while Rosewood can help ease tension, stress & help one to calm mental chatter.

This smokeless smudge option is particularly great for the work place where negative energy tends to accumulate. Spray your office, desk and/or immediate work space to cleanse & clear away the heavy energies to help you start or continue your day on a positive note.

Use these sprays to instantly raise the vibration in your home, office, car, hospital room, sacred space, hotel room or anywhere smoke is not allowed or tolerated.

Mixture comes in a 4 ounce brown glass spray bottle


  • Palo Santo Essential Oil
  • Distilled Water
  • Rosewood Essential Oil
  • Selenite
  • Dead Sea Salts
  • Rose Quartz