Rose of Jericho

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 The Rose of Jericho (aka. Resurrection Plant) goes from death to life so magically. It’s ability to bounce back is never ending. It’s greenery seems to hold the key to life everlasting. Believers in Hoodoo say that this plant will bring you prosperity if you add five coins to the water you use to make it unfurl. They leave the plant in the water for a few days before brushing the water onto windows and doors to let prosperity in. The water that the plant was in can be used to create a floor wash also to usher in prosperity. 

Place the Rose of Jericho in a bowl of water & watch the dry plant miraculously come to life and turn into a beautiful green flower. Take some coins and some gold and silver glitter and sprinkle them around the plant. The water is then said to have mystical qualities and can be sprinkled around the house to erase negative influences, bring peace, harmony and abundance. 

Listing is for ONE resurrection plant