Crystals for Manifestation

Chakra Zulu

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Chances are you've been hearing everyone discuss manifesting things into their life. Want some of that for yourself? Been thinking about all the greatness you want to manifest in your life? Manifesting is the art of drawing your heart's desires into your life. Bringing the unseen into your reality. Manifesting takes you re-wiring your subconscious and reaching a certain level of vibration so as to co-create your life. Magnetizing these desires to are all about what you truly believe. What and how you'll manifest depends It's totally an inside job. It wouldn't be true chakra Zulu fashion if I didn't give y'all some crystals to support you on your journey to living your best life.


Set Includes:

  • Blue Apatite-  creativity, motivation, personal power, self expression, enhances third eye, encourages spiritual wisdom, clear communication


  • CLEAR QUARTZ - the master healer, the magnifier, will hold & amplify whatever intention you speak on to it. Mental Clarity, magnetizes your desires


  • GARNET - thought to attract success and abundance, helps one attune to their passions and desires in life, stone of vitality, stimulates the flow of chi (gets the energy flowing so you can manifest some sh*t), Also promotes higher thinking & self empowerment


  • CITRINE- wealth, personal power, success, abundance, great for assistance in achieving goals, great for use in money magic, pulls away negative energy & self doubt


  • PYRITE - Money, good luck, embodies spirit of boldness, helps the user to take action towards goals, self confidence, encourages persistence. Although it's called fools gold there's nothing foolish about this stone