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Chakra Zulu

Copper Charging Pyramid

Copper Charging Pyramid

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Quickly charge your favorite crystals and gemstone jewelry with this Copper Pyramid Energizer.  Simply place your jewelry and crystals inside the copper pyramid frame each night, and by the morning they will be super charged and ready to aid you throughout your day.  Place the pyramid over a small crystal grid for a boost of extra potency.  These Copper Pyramid Energizers are used to enhance the energy for cleansing, charting and boosting potency of whatever object is placed inside.  It’s light enough to hang from a string over your sacred space too!  

Copper has long been used to conduct energy.  Paired with the structure of the mystic pyramid, these Copper Energizers have been designed to remove negative energies while transmitting positive energies into any object placed inside.  What a beautiful and mystical way to cleanse negative energy and bring positive energy into your magical tools.


6"x6"x 5"

Listing is for pyramid only, selenite plate and other crystals shown as example for use

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