Alcoholado Florida 70

Chakra Zulu

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Spiritual uses include cleansing a body during passing, helping with prayer and cleansing the aura. You can add it to bath and mop water as well.

It has a very strong smell and a light, refreshing solution of grain alcohol and bay laurel leaf extract import from the Caribbean.

Here are a few ways this spiritual water can be introduced into your spiritual practice and/or every day life:

  • wipe down your altar/sacred space 
  • Dab some on your pulse points to alleviate heavier energies and boost mood
  • Bless your home, office or new space with a mix of Florida Water, Basil & Hyssop
  • Great ingredient to add to spiritual baths for purification
  • Can be sprayed or sprinkled in one's workspace to bring about an air of balance