4" Rue Smudge Stick

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Rue clears the mind and improves mental clarity, and has long been used in baths to break curses or hexes against you.  It’s believed that it protects against the evil eye and poisons.  As a wash for the home, rue is believed to protect against all ills, and protect those who live within. 

Rue can also be hung in the doorway of homes to keep away evil spirits. It has other magical uses, not just for protection.  It can be used to attract love, money, and positive energy. Rue plant has also consistently been used to attract good fortune, and today, it continues to be used to cast spells effective in attracting money. 

One of rue's best-known properties is its use as an abortion method. In effect, this plant produces severe contractions of the uterus, for which reason it is not recommended for pregnant women.  Rue herb is effective in increasing uterine blood circulation and provoking contractions, which could interrupt the pregnancy. Pregnant women should be careful when handling rue, never ingest it and it is not recommended to bathe in it