Crystals for Energy Vampires

Chakra Zulu

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E N E R G Y 💀 V A M P I R E S


Ever look at someone and all you feel is tired? If interacting with someone leaves you constantly feeling drained/exhausted, irritable, upset, anxious, overwhelmed or even depressed you may have an energy vampire on your hands👀. Simply put these are individuals who feed off of other people’s emotions and energy. They can sometimes create unnecessary drama and are almost always looking for attention. 


I place energy vampires and narcissists in the same category because they share similar traits such as:


• Constant victimization 

• Never accountable for their actions, love to place blame elsewhere 


• Emotionally Immature

• Lying/Dishonest


• Etc...


Being an empathic/compassionate individual can make you a target for these unsavory characters. PROTECT YA NECK with crystals and a healthy set of boundaries!!! Keep yourself grounded, seal your aura and just say NO! Guard your energetic currency at ALL costs.


SET INCLUDES: Labradorite, Tourmaline, hematite, Apache Tears, Smokey Quartz, Pyrite, Indigo Gabbro, Black Kyanite