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A 4oz portion of loose tea with herbs and a crystal that correspond to each chakra. Chakra Teas are made with 100% all natural herbs and ingredients. 8oz is enough for at least 10 servings of each delicious blend. Each tea package includes a crystal within it to infuse the properties of each chakra into them

Each Blend is made is small batches to ensure freshness



Crown Chakra: gotu kola, eleuthero root,  ginkgo , Ho Shou Wu, peppermint, damiana,  calendula lemongrass and licorice 


Third Eye Chakra:  chamomile, lavender and linden flowers,  oatstraw, catnip, and skullcap


Throat Chakra:  fennel , flax ,licorice, blue corn flower and peppermint


Heart Chakra:  lemon peels, orange peels, and rose hipsrose petalsHibiscus, damiana


Solar Plexus: chamomile, orange peel, lemongrass


Sacral Chakra: Apricot, black tea, marigold, jasmine flower


Root Chakra: Hibiscus, Cranberry, Orange, Burdock Root