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How to Use Crystals in Your Everyday Life

So a crystal caught your eye, you whipped out the credit card and in no time you had a box full of goodies on your doorstep. You can smell the healing can't you?You excitedly rip open your box and pull out all your goodies. You take in their beauty and good vibes but then it dawns on you; you don't exactly know what to do with a crystal. You just knew it was pretty, you heard about the healing properties and you were drawn to it. Am I right? Well you're in the right place, let's chat about a few common ways crystals can be used in your everyday life.


Crystals around the Home

  • place them at the four corners of the home to create an energy grid
  • crystals can be placed on window sills to soak up the energy of the sun. Be careful as there are some crystals that are not "sun safe" (i.e. celestite, fluorite, aquamarine, to name a few)
  • Have house plants that need a little TLC? Plants love crystals too! Quartz has been shows to help plant babies grow stronger and healthier. Bury a piece or two in the plants soil and watch your plant soar.
  • Want a good night sleep? Place Amethyst paired with Selenite or Blue Calcite under your pillow for sweet dreams

Crystals in the Office

Crystals in the office is so underrated. Whether you work at a corporation or you're an Entrepreneur with a home office. The workspace is where we usually spend the bulk of our time daily. Might as well make it an oasis (of sorts). Since most offices contain computers I recommend keeping crystals around that block EMF. Electromagnetic Smog given off by our lovely phones  and computers can be absorbed by using stones such as Amethyst, Lepidolite, Fluorite, Smokey Quartz and the mother of all EMF blockers; Shungite.

Need to be incognito with crystals at the workplace? Keep them behind the monitor or even on your person. Crystals are meant for pockets; and if you've got lady parts crystals can totally be tucked in your bra as well! I usually keep labradorite on the left and rose quartz on the right if you know what I mean.


Body Gridding & Self Care

Now this is my favorite. You may ask, what the heck is body gridding? It's simply laying your crystals down on your body at chakra points or places where there's emotional or spiritual tension. Works like a charm every time! Choose which crystals you're going to use, lay them out on your bed. Go ahead and get showered or bathed, throw on your jammies and lie down. I usually do this after a long day while simultaneously  diffusing essential oils & listening to meditation music via headphones. Once you're lying down comfortably pick up your crystals and lay them across your body either at chakra points or the places of your choosing. Two places that I notice the most energy pulsing from are always my heart chakra  and third eye chakra. Be prepared for your crystals to lull you into some very deep sleep. It's okay if you fall asleep with them. Just take care to ensure that you don't use any that are super sharp.

Another one of my favorite ways to use crystals is to incorporate them in my baths! Yes, I bathe with crystals. Until you've experienced a bath that's been supercharged with quartz, herbs and essential oils you just don't know what you're missing out on. Water is like liquid crystal, it holds intention. Speak your intention as you prepare your bath. Meditate with the crystal(s) of your choosing ahead of time. Pray over your herbs for your intended outcome. You could make it a grounding bath by incorporating Obsidian or Smokey Quartz. Or a Self Love Bath with rose petals, lavender oil and Rose Quartz. The possibilities are endless! JUST BE SURE THE CRYSTALS YOU USE IN YOUR BATH ARE INDEED SAFE FOR WATER. NOT ALL CRYSTALS ARE SUITABLE FOR EXPOSURE TO H2o. If it's quartz based like; amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, Smokey Quartz, clear quartz or carnelian. Anything else? You should definitely do a bit of research before immersing your crystals in water.




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Miguel Payne

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