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Chakra Zulu 2020 Update

Hi there! Where do I begin? 2020 has been a year of so many firsts. A year of growth. A year of alignment. A year of Blessings. If you've been following us for sometime  you know that this business started on my dining room table some 4 years ago. Oddly enough 2020 reduces numerically to the number 4. In numerology the number ‘4’  is all about structure, foundations, dedication & planning. We've been building behind the scenes!

At the beginning of the year we were a hardworking (severely understaffed) team of 3! Fast forward to Summer 2020 and we'd grown into a team of 13. My head has low-key been spinning ever since. So much learning, so much growth, so much expansion. Rewind to Spring 2020 and businesses were closing doors left and right due to covid-19. I held out as long as possible before agreeing to close the doors of Chakra Zulu's brick and mortar. I was pensive the entire ride home that day. I remember thinking; "damn, am I going to loose my store front?". I'm a single mom with two daughters, I fretted a little while longer over the potential outcomes from that day. I woke up the next morning and threw all my energy into engaging with our online audience, after all, the organic basis of Chakra Zulu was Ecommerce.

Needless to say, we're still around! We've had quite a few unicorn moments like being featured on Buzzfeed, Fabletics and @Shop of Instagram. Oh the serendipities of the universe never seem to fail me. I truly believe this is a testament to alignment. 2020 has definitely been a year of realignment for many. Realignment can look like, loss, closed doors, missed opportunities and lost love when in fact these things are truly the catalysts for our expansion into our chosen destiny. The catalysts of redirecting us back onto the paths we are intended to travel. Because, let's face it. We as humans think we know what's best in the present moment. It's always the hind sight that makes us thankful for not be given what we once thought we wanted. The universe is always expanding. It's always "this or better".

Fast forward to the last few months of the year and I am so incredibly grateful for the year this company has had and I'm excited for where we're going. The future is bright, but our brick and mortar doors are still closed. Not because I like it that way, but because what once was our cutesy, boutique-y little crystal shop has been transformed into a powerhouse fulfillment center. Shipping out thousands of orders each month. We've BEEN out of space, since May 2020 actually.  I have full faith the perfect brick and mortar will present itself in divine timing.

Until then we've began hosting pop ups at venues in our community as a means to connect with our local customers. Our next local event will be in December. The 9 months our storefront was operational was amazing, we met folks from all walks of life. We even got to meet a lot of our followers from other states! It's always such a surprise when people tell me they traveled from states like SC, NY, WI and even CA to check us out! Seeing your vision materialize right before your eyes is different type of magic.

Just wanted to check in and give thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who support this small business. I am forever grateful. I have full faith that soon we'll have a newer, larger, gallery like storefront to call home. It will be full of crystal furniture, meditation spaces, water fountains & good good vibes. I can smell the incense now, how about you?



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when are more chakra bracelets expected in?


Hello Emma, I was introduced to your website through a Facebook posting of Chakra Zulu’s “Crystals For Better Sleep”. I just read your update and can relate how blessed we are to have been able to work through this Covid shutdown, in our metaphysical businesses. Your store is amazing and you should be very proud. My business is very small… I only have 2 items and I started selling my product in August 2020. I didn’t want to hear my precious crystals and stones go crashing to the floor anymore so I have created a bra pouch called Crystals In My Bra. The name is trademarked and my design is patent pending. I live in Ft. Lauderdale and plan on visiting the Naples/Ft. Myers/Cape Coral stores that are selling my product mid-February and continuing up the west coast to visit as many stores as I can including stores in Palm Harbor and Tampa. I would love to connect with you via email: or phone 954-812-9354, in the hopes that you may be interested in carrying my product. If you would like to see what my product is all about, my website is: I look forward to hearing from you. Sending you love, light and blessings… Nadine Marder

Nadine Marder

So glad to have found you this year!


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